Danny Cecil - cosmetology instructor

Danny Cecil

Danny Cecil has been in the industry for 10 years and an instructor for 7 years. Danny is most passionate about hair color and creating. He chose this industry because of the excitement and energy that comes with making something unique and artistic. Danny’s favorite part about working with students is that they are eager to learn and grow, and he is eager to guide them on their way! He is inspired by the unknown, and likes to create and go beyond current trends. Inspiration for Danny can come from anywhere: food, fireworks, music, animals…and so much more! His proudest moment so far was the day his first honors class graduated - it was also the first time he felt a sense of pride for a group of individuals that he helped influence.  

"My team here at AIP has been a huge motivation to personally grow myself and my craft.  Everyday is an inspiration which I pass on to all of my students." Daniel Cecil

Email: [email protected]