Lisa Christiansen - Cosmetology Instructor

 Lisa has been in the industry over 30 years and has been an  instructor for over 6 years. She is passionate about this industry, in that it creates another outlet for artistic expression with structure in the business. It also gives freedom of structure in the craft itself.Lisa's favorite part about working with students is that it is not just honing their skill set, it is working as a team to build their self esteem and independence. She is  inspired by the courage of others to put their work out there under the microscope for others to judge, ponder or simply dismiss. She loves the daily  moments of connection with colleges and students. Where we can collaborate and support creating a smoother day when challenged with difficulties. 

"Pride in our students/ staff for their achievements through their efforts of time and true sincerity put into our craft to bring outstanding professionals to our field of practice."  Lisa Christiansen

Email: [email protected]