AIP Graduate Spotlight "BRITTANY BAKER"

AIP Graduate Spotlight "BRITTANY BAKER"

You know it's Magic when Brittany Baker does your hair!  

Our Graduate spotlight goes to the great; @paintedbybrittany who works at Bouffant Salon in Beaverton. We asked Brittany what life after cosmetology school is like and how to get ahead in the industry.  


Q: How do you set yourself apart as a stylist? 

Brittany: "Character and personality are what separate us all and every artists brush stroke is different. I avoid a generic approach to my clients and individualize each and every one of their services in my chair.” 


Q: When you graduated, what was your immediate concern? 

Brittany: “Gaining clientele was one of the things I was worried about being not only a new stylist, but being fairly new to Oregon. I know that having a strong social media presence would be beneficial so I started working on my instagram / portfolio from the day I started school. After graduating, I applied at busy, commission based salons where I knew there was a lot of foot traffic and I’d be able to build my clientele through great service experience.” 


Q: How do you use social media in this industry? 

Brittany: We’re lucky to have social media to our advantage so we have to make sure we use it! I’ve had many clients come in who’ve told me they found me on Instagram. I use trending hair hashtags on all of my photos and ones like #pdxstylist #pdxhair for people who may be looking for a stylist near by. I like to tag my salon's location. This will allow my pictures to pop up when searching the salon. I also like to tag my clients in their photos if I have their instagrams. Then, the photos will be found on their tagged photos and they will possibly add them to their stories!” 


Q: Is it worth it to make reels on IG?  

Brittany: “Reels are super fun and everyone loves watching them. Learn how to make reels using trending music and they will hit the explore page! Being consistent with your posting is important, so keep it up." 


Brittany came to AIP to follow her passion and make her dreams into reality! Through her career she has grown her clientele through her social media and all the amazing looks she photographed. Her talent has inspired many of our students and many locals. You are truly missing out if you have made it this far without following Brittany.  Find her on IG @paintedbybrittany and see what inspires her! 

If you want to book an appointment with Brittany, please visit Bouffant Salon at 


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