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We visited graduate Vanessa Huntley at her salon and spa in North Portland. "It’s scary but you don’t realize your skills yet. They have given you the tools you need to succeed, you just need confidence."  -Vanessa Huntley

Meet Vanessa Huntley

Since the moment Vanessa Huntley joined the beauty and wellness industry, she has continued to grow her skills and share her knowledge with the Aveda Institute Portland network. Originally, Vanessa perused her career in massage becoming a licensed massage therapist to connect and bring health and...

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At Aveda Institute Portland, April is Earth Month and we can't wait for all the fun(draising) that we have in store! Before we get to that, we have an excting announcement to make.

Earth Month Marketing Contest

The creativity of our students is next level, and we like to tap into that as much as possible to show off their amazing work. For all of our Earth Month marketing, from posters to tickets to our website and social media, we leave it up to the students to come up with a look that wows. Over the last several weeks, students have been running with the theme of Universe & Time to put together a hair and makeup look to submit for our Earth Month Marketing contest. Check-out all the submissions...

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  • Co-owners of Harris Harper Salon

Nestled on 12th and Alder, Harris Harper Salon is where intention and style meet great hair. Aveda Institute Portland Alumni and Co-owners, Harris Zachary Hirsch and Julie Harper Brown have brought their dream salon to life, and they gave us the scoop on

We were excited to catch up with graduates Julie Brown and Zach Hirsch who opened up their own salon, Harris Harper, in May 2019. We toured the beautiful space and interviewed them to find out how they...

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Our Mission At Aveda…

With Earth Month right around the corner, we are officially launching our Marketing Campaign, and blog readers get the inside scoop!

Most Aveda Institute students are passionate about the Aveda mission with a commitment to environmental leadership, and often it is the defining factor when deciding to come to school here. Because of this, Earth Month is a PRETTY BIG DEAL around here.

Earth Month Fundraising

For the past 4 years, Aveda Institute Portland has raised money during Earth Month for Hopkins Demonstration Forest, a 140-acre protected forest open to the students and the community as a classroom, outdoor laboratory, and scenic space to spend the day exploring.

Last year, in 2018, we...

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You gotta hand it to the fashion industry. It’s always trying out new ideas, fresh looks and edgy options. Some are hits. Some miss. And others never really stood a chance. Let’s take a look at a few of the craziest beauty trends that didn’t make the grade in 2018.

Glitter Teeth

All that glitters isn’t gold, and some things really shouldn’t glitter at all. Putting glitter on your teeth just feels a bit unsafe. And who wants to be picking glitter out of your teeth (and food) for weeks? We’ll pass.


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When January comes along, the first thing you want to do is leave the old year behind. A great way to say bye-bye to 2018 is to freshen up your look for the new year. Whether you want a new hairstyle, hair color, makeup or even a fresh take on your manicure, the salon at Aveda Institute Portland in Portland OR and Vancouver WA is an affordable solution.

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Still in love with your...

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Are you tired of your dead-end job? Would you rather have an exciting career where you get to be creative each and every day? Or maybe even be your own boss? Have you thought about becoming a hair stylist, esthiologist or make-up artist? Whether you’re 25, 35 or even older, it’s never too late to become a cosmetologist!

The Benefits of Age

When you become a cosmetologist later in life, you have great life experiences that can help you succeed. You’re probably used to working on deadlines and working with others. You’re also more mature and will most likely be prepared to stay focused in class, do your homework and complete your assignments.


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While you’re in school, sure you need to learn the principles and skills of hair, skin and makeup. But if you want to take your cosmetology career to the next level, you’ll also need a portfolio that reflects your creativity, abilities and professionalism. Photoshoots are the perfect way to completely design and create a look outside of your day-to-day guests.

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Positioned For Success

At Aveda...

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  • Haircut makeovers on one model

Not only are the malls busier during this time of year, so is the salon! Everyone is getting their color done before they head off on their holiday plans. Aveda Institute Portland is the perfect place to get that amazing holiday hair, even if your bank account is a little strapped for cash after all the gifting. Check out these hair colors that are HOTTER than cocoa for all your upcoming functions.

Shadow root...

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So you’ve decided to become a cosmetologist. Good for you!  It’s an exciting field that combines creativity, customer service, style and income!  So how do you ?  The experts at Aveda Institute Portland, with Aveda campuses in Portland OR and Vancouver WA, have put together this handy checklist of things to consider when you compare programs. 

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