Monday Meditation- #Thankful




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Instructor Danny often leads his class in a wellness called “Love Notes” He has his class pick someone they appreciate and they each write a little “love note” to let them know how much they mean to them. Danny says "It is best to be as sappy and corny as possible." Activities like these are just little ways to show your appreciation and your gratitude but they can change someone’s entire day- yours too! 

Being thankful has many advantages; check out this article from Forbes for more detail on the many benefits: 7 Scientifically Proven Benefits of Gratitude That Will Motivate You To Give Thanks Year-Round. Thankfulness can improve your mental state, your physical health and even your relationships. As humans we live each day mainly for ourselves, but the wonderful bits of being human are the ways in which people display selflessness and work for the good of others. Every day, somebody, somewhere is doing something or saying something for you! With that being said, there is so much to be thankful for and I encourage you to take up the practice of finding these things and these people in your own lives! Here are 3 steps you can take to live a more thankful life and open up to the wonderful things you have around you! 


There are a lot of gratitude apps on the marketplace but Thankful is free and simple to use. It is a digital journal that you can keep on your phone or iPad and make an entry every day! The app counts your thankful entries- which is a great way to keep on track and see how well you are doing. You can also browse inspirational quote directly from the app to help motivate you! Sure you can write all your notes down the old fashioned way but this sleek app makes it easy and fun! 





Do things for others. This is a huge part of being thankful- it keeps the cycle going. ! As you find the things you are thankful for in your own life, pay it forward. Pass those same good things around to others- give someone the opportunity to thank you!

  • Compliment your barista- Chances are your barista has thrown a few compliments your way especially if you see them every day- throw one back at them!
  • Encourage a fellow classmate or help them during a service (do it before they ask)!
  • Make your parents or your loved one or your roommate dinner! Especially if they do it for you all the time.
  • Visit Random Acts of Kindness for even more ideas on how you can give back in little ways to the people around you!! (Random Acts of Kindness


Lastly, while you are documenting away all the things you are thankful for be sure to actually say thank you to those that deserve it. Sure, we all murmur a thanks in the moment but going back and really expressing your gratitude can change someone’s day! Telling someone “ Thank you for what you did/said today- it really meant a lot and helped me to...” that kind of thank you will change the way people see you and it will open you up to even more things to be grateful for.



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