Beauty on a Budget: Gray Coverage

Silver hair ladies know that nothing is trickier or more time consuming then covering up their sparklers. And while some may choose to embrace their natural tinsel others go through a lengthy process of covering up. Many reach for boxed dye (YIKES) and others spend upwards of $60+ every 3-4 weeks to maintain in-salon! If this describes YOU then look no further! The Team at the Aveda Institute Portland is armed and ready to give you full coverage at budget prices!!

Niki's Gray Dilemma

Niki has been rocking dark black hair for years now and it is her signature look! However, every 3 week she is greeted with a bright white-gray streak at her roots! Left uncolored the gray color peeking through will quickly expand, leaving her with an unflattering root line. To maintain her look, Niki must get her hair colored every 3 weeks! We gave her the Aveda treatment and showed her how a touch up at the school could yield beautiful results and be great for her wallet!


The Aveda Treatment

When you are needing to color your hair as frequently as every 3 weeks or less it can be tempting to pick up a box of dye and DIY your way to silver-free roots. However, Boxed dye can wreak havoc on your hair. To start boxed color is often extremely harsh as developers are sold at the highest levels to quickly turn any color. They also tend to run a bit green, so do be surprised if your fresh color comes with a greenish hue. Aveda color however is fully customizable, so no one color is the same. Aveda’s color is some of the most natural on the market, made without harsh metallic dyes that can leave your hair dry and brittle! Plus, when you come in you get all those Aveda products and smells you know you love!

Budget Friendly Results

An all-over color starts at just $30. A little more than your go-to box dye and significantly less than a professional salon. Keep in mind that the Aveda Institute Portland is a school so services will run longer than average but if you have the time to spare and are looking for great result on a minimal budget then we might be the perfect spot for you!


To book your next appoinment simply call 503-294-6000 or Book Online for either our Portland or Vancouver campus!


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